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Fr. Jorge da Silva Scholarship Fund

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Fr. Jorge da Silva Scholarship Fund

The Fr. Jorge da Silva Scholarship is awarded to High School Seniors and Current College Students from Our Lady of Refuge Parish. More about this can found in this article below that was posted in the Valley Catholic.


April 14 – May 13, 2024

Students that meet ALL 6 requirements are eligible to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Families earn below middle-low income;

  2. Must be registered in Our Lady of Refuge Parish;

  3. Agree to meet the application requirements;

  4. Are high school graduates;

  5. Have been accepted in a Community College or University

  6. Are returning college/university students.

  7. VERY IMPORTANT: Additionally, please include    

       » For new applications - Please include a copy of your 4 years of high school grades, AND a copy of your college/university

          acceptance letter also needs to be included 

       » For returning applications - Please include a copy of all your college/university grades to date.


Below you will find the time line, due dates, and procedures:

April 14:

Opening date for accepting all Fr. Jorge da Silva, SM Memorial Scholarship applications. Download applications in the links shown down below.


May 13:

Closing date for receiving scholarship applications.  No exceptions !. All applications MUST be submitted no later than 11:59PM May 13, 2024

July 7 Scholarships Award: 

Scholarships given out at 8:00 a.m. Mass and 10:00 a.m. Mass * * * Bishop Cantú will be present.* * * 

New applicants: Download, print out, and send completed (click on the blue bold words) "New Student application" form to: Before you submit your application, stop by the parish office and bring the application with you, so your family registration can be verified at the office. 

Returning applicants: Download, print out, and send completed (click on the blue bold words) "Returning Student application" form to:

Father Jorge da Silva Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jorge da Silva, SM, Marianist  1927-2009, priest, educator and spiritual guide, has left a rich legacy for those whose lives he touched.  Though he spent years in a wheelchair, he never considered himself “handicapped,” and believed that he was capable of accomplishing the same as anyone else – or more.  He became the best person he could be, and his message has weight, because he “walked the talk.”


Many academically gifted graduating high school seniors and present college students from Our Lady of Refuge Parish, in East San Jose, were able to tap into Fr. Jorge’s legacy and are following follow his footsteps, launching their lives into the pursuit of further education in various colleges and universities.  Their “handicap” was not physical, but economic.  As time goes on more college bound students are expected to need financial assistance for their books, fees, school supplies etc. 


These students, many who are daughters and sons of first generation immigrants, possess enormous potential and already are contributing to our society.  They are intelligent, hungry to learn, and desirous of making the world a better place.  They may have some financial challenges, but they are focused on their hopes and dreams of becoming the best they can be and making a difference in our world.


You are invited to support to this scholarship by making your tax- deductible (no administrative fees) contribution to:


Our Lady of Refuge Parish 

Notation-Fr. Jorge da Silva Scholarship


And sending to:

Luis Miranda, Parish Office & Business Manager

Our Lady of Refuge Parish

2165 Lucretia Ave.

San Jose, Ca 95122


Your generosity is most needed and appreciated.  Matt 25:40

“You did it unto Me.”

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