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“There are over one billion Catholics in the world; all of which inhabit every corner of the globe. To be Catholic is to be a part of this worldwide community, where all the diversity within the human race is united under a set of core beliefs. Like the many voices of a choir singing across the world, we come together in a spiritual harmony.”— Unknown

As one of a few truly international institutions in the world today, the Catholic Church maintains a worldwide faith. Our vision is to reach beyond international boundaries to achieve a universal appreciation of the Catholic faith. We are a diverse center of faith, undivided by social constructions, and united as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church is a continuation of the community founded by Jesus Christ. As members of the Church, we support one another through times of joy and sorrow. We worship with one another and celebrate the mysteries of God. We pray and offer our minds and hearts to him through Christ-like actions guided by the Holy Spirit. Our family extends our hands to everyone, all created in the image of God, to join us in the practice of our faith.

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